The Science of Getting Rich

Description and Benefits:
The Science of Getting Rich – is a super inspirational seminar about building your own wealth and your engineering you own money machine. . 
Becoming rich is a science unknown to most people. Hence, why most people aren’t rich. This science has rules, principles and procedures that must be strictly known and followed. 
Becoming ultra rich and enjoying ones lifetime must be a supreme priority as your life as well as the lives of so many people whom you can influence depend on.
  • Your appetite to generating great wealth will reach a total new height. 
  • The newly discovered opportunities to become ultra rich will awake your torment desire for riches. 
  • You will master the science of getting rich by learning the key procedures. 
  • You will become richer!
Please bring your: camera, voice recorder, a notebook and pen to take notes.
  • Cost: €150 per participant.
  • Duration: 10am-5pm
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