Motivation Redefined

Description and Benefits:

Motivation Redefined – Motivation is thee central pillar of your success. It is directly connected to your mission, purpose and determines if you will reach your goals OR you will run of motivation and quit.

Motivation is the FUEL that keeps you moving. Hence, you must always “refuel” your motivations and something you can never forget or ignore.

Motivation is the word derived from the word ‘motive’ which means: needs, desires, wants. There are TENS sorts of motivation and each of us uses different ones. Getting motivated is the process of stimulating people to take practical action to accomplish any goal.


By knowing ALL SORTS of motivation, it is like knowing ALL THE KEYS on your keyboard!
This seminar will allow you refine and define your SPECIFIC MOTIVATIONS.
Learning about ALL SORT OF MOTIVATION and screening out the ones that are’t relevant for you, you will achieve great focus and clarity.
Clarity about the EXACT MOTIVATIONS that make you wake up in the morning with the “fire, energy, freshness and focus” that will make you win!

Please bring your: camera, voice recorder, a notebook and pen to take notes.


Cost: €150 per participant.
Duration: 10am-5pm

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