2019 Your Best Year Ever

Description and Benefits:
2019 your best year ever – is the seminar that will provide you the knowledge about planning and goal setting. 
Once that you learn how to achieve the goal of reaching the stage of :”the best year ever”, it will allow you to repeat and make every following year as your best year ever. 
2019 your best year ever – is achieved once that you are in full alignment with your: physical, emotional / spiritual and financial condition.
  • Receive the “full kit” of goal setting , monitoring and goal attainment.
  • Learn the 6 stages of “divine movement” from visualisation to transformation.
  • Achieve completeness and super focus on your current and future goals. 
  • Master thee most important skill of all! Master the winning strategies for achieving any goal whatsoever!  
Please bring your: camera, voice recorder, a notebook and pen to take notes.
  • Cost: €150 per participant.
  • Duration: 10am-5pm
For more information and booking: info@theskincaremillionaire.com 
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