1000 New Customers

Description and benefits 
1000 new customers – in just one year: This seminar is based on a true story of a beauty salon that went from 10 customers to 1050customers in just one year. So, you may think that ” well…miracles can happen… but they don’t last. However, the same beauty salon, using the same strategy maintained the same growth momentum by adding another 1000 + customers in the second year. 
You can buy anything you can just think about, so, what about “buying customers”? Yes, also customers have a price tag.
Jo will explore the important role of lighting for portraiture and fashion, thus facilitating you to understand light sources, quality of light, textures as well as the basic technical skills for using studio lighting to develop your own light language.
Attendees will look at the relationship the camera has with light and how they communicate. You will learn how to direct a model under different light sources. Consolidate your understanding of shutter speed, aperture and Iso in relation to lighting. 
The workshop attendee numbers are small and exclusive, which means we have time to focus on individuals and cater to every photographers needs; whether you are an amateur, an industry professional or even specialise in an entirely different genre of photography
The workshop will supply professional models, and a make up artist, who are currently working in the industry, as we feel this is an incredibly important asset for workshops to have working creatives who are passionate about the imagery they want to create. 
Topics that will be covered:
– Getting as may customers as you wish 
– Discovering the 80 + human needs 
– Core & Off core benefits 
– Differentiation 
– The winning strategy formula 
– Unfair marketing 
– So much more 
  • You can increase your business by only 2 ways: 1) gaining new customers 2) selfing more to your existing customers.
  • This seminar teach you how to increase your customers regardless to your local financial economical environment. 
  • The winning strategies that this seminar shares will position you and your business as the ONLY alternative versus potential competitors.
  • You will learn the Unfair Marketing which is the key for effective differentiation. 
Please bring your: camera, voice recorder, a notebook and pen to take notes.
  • Cost: €150 per participant.
  • Duration: 10am-5pm
For more information and booking: info@theskincaremillionaire.com 
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