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Avi Konigsberg and The Skincare Millionaire website & BLOG (since 2008) are dedicated to exclusively develop and support the business knowhow of the export business of DR BAUMANN SKINIDENT from Germany.

We run international seminars that are based on our first hand practical experience of self managing the dr-baumann-das-institut.

The dr-baumann-das-institut is a beauty salon / spa that is operated exclusively with the DR BAUMANN SKINIDENT product ranges and shows annual consistent growth of over 25% year after year.

You are invited to become a DR BAUMANN SKINIDENT  national distributor in your own country or start your dr-baumann-das-institut (T’s &C’s apply)in your city or your own country while joining our global success and exponential growth.

We support all our distributors with knowledge, marketing and branding support as well as experience that was earned and gathered over 40 years of doing business in the skincare industry.

For further information, please contact us.
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