2008 – Avi Konigsberg and The Skincare Millionaire BLOG (since 2008) are dedicated to exclusively develop and support the ongoing business growth of the DR BAUMANN SKINIDENT export business.

2011 – Avi Konigsberg has joined DR BAUMANN SOUTH AFRICA ( as a main share holder). Since then, DR BAUMANN SOUTH AFRICA sales grew by about 400%.

2015 РAvi Konigsberg launched the dr-baumann-das-institut is a beauty salon / spa that is operated exclusively with the DR BAUMANN SKINIDENT  product ranges. The dr-baumann-das-institut shows annual consistent sales growth of 25% up to 38% year after year.

The aim of this BLOG AND INTERNATIONAL SUCCESS SEMINARS is to share the collected practical wisdom and inspire other to choose the DR BAUMANN SKINIDENT  business as their exclusive success brand!

Having this BLOG guarantees current and consistent posts ( thousands so far) which are always up to date and relevant. Hence, you can visit the BLOG PAGE , register and benefit from free information that will definitely contribute to your overall performance .

If you wish to become a national DR BAUMANN SKINIDENT agent in your country?
If you wish to become a Dr-baumann-das-institut owner and a part of our international network?

Please contact us:

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